Collection of various daily recipes for family dishes along with easy ways to make them

As a mother, the duties and responsibilities that are borne are indeed very large. Not only taking care of the house, but also must ensure that the nutritional needs and food consumed by the child and husband must be maintained. Indeed, we can easily buy dishes at restaurants or restaurant subscriptions. But it remains a matter of pride not if as a mother we can prepare daily recipes that are liked by all family members. There are lots of simple simple daily recipes that we can serve for meals at home. Starting from chicken recipes, fish recipes, meat dishes, eggs and other traditional home cooking. Below we will provide various kinds of daily dishes that are easy and practical how to make and cook.

There are lots of Indonesian archipelago recipes that we can cook quickly and practically at home. Start a simple recipe made from vegetables such as stir-fry, vegetable lodeh, vegetable asem and others. Or those who like chicken, we can also prepare daily dishes such as soy sauce chicken, rujak seasoning chicken, crispy fried chicken, chicken soup and so on. For fish enthusiasts, we can also make simple and easy daily recipes like pepes fish, grilled fish and others. But of course, the diversity and variety of home cooking recipes that we make later must be properly considered. This is to avoid the boredom that usually arises because of the lack of variety of dishes that we serve at home.

Indonesian Recipes are already well-known for their delicacy and uniqueness. In addition, there are many simple and easy daily recipes that we can make. Just name a variety of Javanese recipes, Medan dishes, Padang dishes or other daily dishes from various regions in our country. Of course to prepare home-cooked recipes for daily dishes it all depends on our respective tongues. But it's not wrong, too, not if we can create simple cooking creations for daily food menus at home from various regions in Indonesia.

To prepare a menu of daily dishes that are healthy and appetizing, one of the things that must be considered is the type and variety of dishes must be diverse. This is very important so that every daily recipe we cook will always be liked by all family members. Prepare simple recipes that contain lots of fiber and complete composition. So there are always nutritious vegetables for side dishes and fruits. In addition, we should also begin to reduce the consumption of saturated fats and trans oils which we usually get easily from fast food.

Besides being able to reduce daily expenses, the daily menu that we make at home is certainly more fun and adds harmony to the family. In addition, by making your own daily recipes, the cleanliness of the dishes we make is more awake. In the right way, simple recipes that we make can also provide maximum nutritional benefits for all family members at home. Friends don't need to be confused, how to make Indonesian recipes that will be given below is quite practical and easy. The ingredients and ingredients needed are easy to obtain and simple.

Collection of Assorted Daily Recipes Simple Simple, Easy and Fast How to Make It
Practical Vegetable Recipes Spinach Practical
Clear Vegetable Recipes Simple Spinach
1. Recipes for Daily Cuisine Menu Simple Clear Spinach Vegetables
One of the daily recipes that we must serve as a menu interlude at home is this clear spinach vegetable. This recipe is inherited from our parents. The method of making and the ingredients and ingredients needed to make clear vegetables is very practical and easy to obtain.
The material needed is:
- Fresh spinach is only about 2 bunches. Wash thoroughly and pick and remove the base part.
- Large medium tomatoes are approximately 1 pcs.
- Garlic is approximately 1 pcs. Peel the skin then slice it thinly.
- Fresh sweet corn that has been cut to taste according to approximately 1 pcs.
- White sugar to taste to taste.
- Sufficient instant broth taste to taste.
- Iodized kitchen salt to taste.
- Clean water to taste
How to make :
- Prepare a pan and give enough water. Cook until boiling.
- Put the sweet corn pieces together with the sweet corn pieces.
- Stir well for a while and cook until the corn is almost cooked.
- Add spinach vegetables with slices of tomato and chicken broth to taste. Stir well until all ingredients are well blended.
- Enter enough iodized sugar and salt to taste and mix well again until all ingredients are well blended.
- After all ingredients are cooked, test the taste and add broth, sugar and salt if needed.
- Lift and serve this simple daily recipe while still warm.

2. Simple Macaroni Chicken Sop Recipe
Vegetable soup is one of the daily recipes that is very popular and liked by many people. The contents are complete, ranging from carrots, cabbage and other vegetables to provide good nutrition and vitamins for everyday life. Besides the savory flavor of the spices of chicken macaroni soup and chicken broth is indeed very tasty and delicious for daily food menu. Please click here Recipe for macaroni soup vegetable to see the recipe.

3. Chicken Soup Recipe with Sweet Corn and Spinach
This soup recipe is perfect for everyday meals with family. Savory flavors combined with spinach and sweet corn are guaranteed to be appetizing and overcome boredom with the usual daily recipes. How to make and ingredients of Spinach Chicken Soup and Sweet Corn can be seen here.

4. Chicken Ceker Sop Recipe

Almost all parts of chicken can be used. One of them is sometimes underestimated is claw or chicken feet. By using the right claw soup spice, this chicken body part can be processed and cooked into one of the delicious and delicious daily recipes. Moreover, the content of broth and calcium in chicken claws is also very good for the growth of children's bones.

5. Everyday Recipes Saute Simple Watercress
Special recipe for stir-fried spinach with oyster sauce
Delicious recipe for sauteed spinach special oyster sauce
One recipe for traditional cuisine that we have found is stir-fried kale. Even though it looks simple stir-fry, but there are many who like it. We can prove this in various stalls and restaurants that often make sauteed kale recipe as one of their mainstay menus. For those who are curious, please try the kale stir-fry recipe at home.

Materials and spices needed:
- Fresh water spinach is approximately 2 bunches. Wash and then turn to taste.
- Large medium size garlic 3 pcs. Peel the skin then slice it thinly.
- Red onion is about 4 pcs. Peel the onion skin and then slice it thinly.
- Red cayenne fruit according to taste or approximately 3-5 pcs. Wash thoroughly and slice the sliced ​​slices.
- Big chili fruit according to taste or approximately 1 pcs. Wash thoroughly and slice the sliced ​​slices as well as the chili.
- Good quality oyster sauce about 1.5 tablespoons.
- Terasi is approximately 1/2 pack (terasi small packages such as ABC brands sold in stalls).
- Good quality thick sweet soy sauce about 1.5 tablespoons as well.
- Iodized kitchen salt to taste.
- Sugar to taste to taste.
- Clean water to taste.
- Right amount of oil.
How to make :
- Prepare a frying pan with enough oil then add sliced ​​shallots, garlic, cayenne pepper, large chili and shrimp paste that has been prepared in advance.
- Stir stirring briefly until the distinctive smell of fragrant sauteed spices smells.
- Pour iodized salt together with enough sugar and stir well for a while.
- Pour a little water with the freshly weaned water spinach then stir again until the vegetables are slightly wilted.
- Pour the oyster sauce along with the sweet soy sauce and stir well again until all ingredients are well blended and cooked.
- Taste first and test the taste. Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt or sugar if needed.

6. Easy Tasty Meat Sop Recipe
In addition to chicken, beef is also very favored by some Indonesians. There are many variations of meat recipes that we can make easily and quickly. One of them is the recipe for beef soup. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are great for fulfilling the nutrition of every family member at home. For those who want to try it, please see meat soup ingredients and recipes.

7. Recipe for Oseng oseng Mercon Daging
The name is actually a bit strange, but if you try it, it's definitely addictive. Especially for friends who like to eat spicy must try this one recipe. Although it may not be suitable for children, it is not bad if we make this dish and serve it as a daily recipe at home. Of course, making friends who don't like spicy might work around this by reducing the chili ingredients used to cook it.